Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Mash-up of Weird Things I Found on the Internet

Sorry it's taken me a while to post!  I've been really swamped with seeing how long I can go this semester without opening up a text book and learning to use this new rice cooker I got that looks like a robot, but fear not because tomorrow something really great is coming... In the mean time, here are some things at which to look.

I'd like to think I was someone like this man in my last life, or that someday I'll be this bad-ass.

Honesty is a virtue.
I'm not entirely convinced that personal entertainment isn't the sole reason people have babies.

Who would think this is cute/okay? 
Cats are always funny, even more so when they are being sneaky.

I rest my case.

Well at least I think this is funny.

That just seems a little extreme to me...