Friday, January 13, 2012

Annoying People Friday: Grab Bag

TGIF, so I can vent about all the annoying people I encountered this week!  Let's start right off with...

The Best Friends Girl 
First and foremost let me say there’s nothing wrong with girls who have best friends. Some of my best friends have best friends (they’re not me though, awkward). The Best Friends Girl has a group of 1-3 gal pals that do everything together, and when they’re all together they probably call themselves the Core Four and giggle a lot, making all the other girls who don’t have a core four or a fearsome foursome or a cheesesome threesome feel terrible about themselves. Although I don’t personally have any best friends, I don’t really get jealous of the girls that do because the number of shits I give is 0. If you’re my friend, you know it, and I don’t think I need to post it all over my Facebook, but that’s just me. 

"Soooo true for us right?!"

The New Years Resolution Gym Rats 
I go to the gym to unwind, and so that I can eat a lot of ice cream.   I also go to people-watch, which is really so I can brainstorm material for my blog, which in essence is work, but I digress. Anyway, I was so excited to come back to school and get back into my workout routine after gorging myself for 3 weeks on cookies and bon-bons.  But what do I notice at the gym upon my return? A lot more skin, a lot more stupidity, and a lot less open machines. I think it’s great that people want to transform themselves just in time for the end of the world. However, the gym is not a fashion show, a social event, or a speed-dating venue, so put on some actual clothes, do what you need to do, remember to disinfect your nasty germs from the elliptical, and leave.

My mom taught me not to stare at people because it’s rude. Being a member of society taught me it’s awkward to continue staring at someone after they’ve noticed you staring at them. They’re not quite as bad as mouth-breathers, but gazers make for a really awkward time, especially if you look back and they’re still looking at you. Do I have something on my face? Are your eyes just jacked up and you’re not actually staring at me?? So many questions, so many stares!

Yeah, so don't be those people.

In conclusion, happy Friday the 13th!  Don't hang out under any ladders or open your umbrella inside.  If you really want to cover your butt take a page out of my book and don't look in the mirror today.  You never know when it could break...

Gossip Girl (?)