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Friday, December 29th
Today, for the first time in my life, my father told me I couldn't buy anymore shoes. I did anyway.
Sunday, December 23rd
Not having any church-appropriate clothes to wear to church.
Monday, October 22nd
Switching over from your summer to your fall scents.
Thursday, October 18th
Being asked to pose for a photo shoot about biddies to go in the yearbook.
Saturday, September 15th
I realized halfway through the day that I had scratches all over my arms and back.  I thought maybe I had fallen in a bush the night before, but no...I just tried on a skin-tight sequin dress.
Thursday, August 23rd
Today I forced my boyfriend to go shopping with me.  He was picking out some really cute stuff, and I asked him how he has such good style.  He told me that he just picks out whatever looks like it shouldn't be a shirt and figures that's what I'll like.

Tuesday, June 19th
It's such a waste when you wear a really cute outfit but no one takes a picture of you that day.
Tuesday, June 19th
Automatically capitalizing the word target when writing a paper.
Wednesday, May 30th
Last night I celebrated my 21st birthday in Italy.  I was wearing pink light-up mouse ears...and now I want to wear them everyday.  
Tuesday, May 29th
I didn't wear makeup today.  People asked if I was sick.
Monday, April 9th
Wearing sequins before the sun goes down: bold biddie move.
Monday, April 2nd
I had to leave my meeting early so I could get to Victoria's Secret before it closed.  Then I proceeded to buy a $58 bra.  Necessary?  Not even a little.  Returning it out of guilt?  Not even a little.
Monday, March 26th
The thing I'm most nervous for about studying abroad is not having Target...where am I supposed to buy cheap makeup in Italy??
Friday, March 23rd
I'm packing to go backpacking this's taking longer than expected because I need to match my bandanas to my T-shirts.
Saturday, March 17th
My nail polish matches my bathing suit top...planned it that way.
Wednesday, March 14th
I found my flashcards in the most natural place this makeup bag.
Tuesday, March 13th
Spending more time getting ready to go the library than studying at the library. 
Today I got a new pair of boots, and realized I like them more than anyone or anything in my life.
Saturday, March 3rd
Today I bought a dress from GAP.  I got home and realized it was a nightgown.

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