What's a Biddie?

If you're a girl in college, you're probably a biddie.  Just kidding, but you definitely know one.  You know, she's that girl that blasts Top 40 as she drives recklessly around town in her Honda Civic.  Oh, that's you?

I've provided a checklist detailing common traits, tendencies, and behaviors of biddies.  If two or more of these pertain to you, welcome to the biddie lifestyle.

  • Wears leggings as pants.
  • Favorite gym machine is the elliptical.
  • Frequents Starbucks but only orders specialty iced drinks.
  • Has an iPhone.
  • Favorite color is glitter.
  • Easily trick-able, kind of ditzy (in a lovable way).
  • Has wine nights with her friends.
  • Pretends to like the NFL when guys are around.
  • Has ever exclaimed loudly "this is my SONG" at a party when Nicki Minaj's "Turn Me On" and/or Jason DeRulo's "Ridin' Solo" comes on.
  • The drunkest [most fun] girl at a party.  
  • Follows ShitGirlsSay, TotalSororityMove, or PerezHilton on Twitter.
  • At any given time is talking about boys or clothes.
  • Employs the Skinny Arm Pose in all pictures.
  • Can relate to anything said in this video:       

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