Thursday, February 9, 2012

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

You know those weeks you go into knowing it's going to suck? Starting on Monday I knew it was one of those and true to form it just kept getting worse. I had exams in my 2 hardest classes --Italian and Mass Communication Law-- today (Thursday) and because I'm an enormous nerd they were all I could think about all week. I couldn't take my mind off them; none of my go-to distractions were working: online shopping, Krispy Kremes, even an innocent nap turned into a fitful half-hour of stress-dreaming about suffocating in the library after being buried alive by a falling wall of media law textbooks.

Unfortunately for me I'm currently suffering from a head-cold and a severe lack of motivation. I also have an uncanny hatred for my Italian professor because she speaks in Italian (have I ever mentioned I am irrational?). I don't think I can express how much I didn't study for this test. People spend more time reading a stop sign than I spent reading my notes. When I turned in the test I scurried out of the room before my professor could realize only half of the answers were filled out. Also, I had announced loudly before class started that I was a "good guesser" and that I cared about my next test "ten times more than this test." So in addition to being irrational, I make great decisions and tend to really get along with people in positions of authority.

So I went to my next test and felt pretty good about it, until I was walking down the hallway and approached a group of my classmates talking about how they answered some of the more befuddling questions. I guess I'm the only person on this campus that doesn't want to know all the questions I got wrong mere seconds after I turn a test in but I don't understand what other people's obsession with it is. When I finish a test I want to say "see ya never" and forget all about it until I see the final grade.

Also, my car is going to explode at any given moment, adding to the shit-pit that is my life right now. But the tests are over with and I survived so I'm just going to put on "You are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne and buy a dress with a whole bunch of sequins to console myself.