Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Top Ten Things Rappers Rap About

  1. How they haven't changed and how they still "do me" and run with the same crew.  I'm not sure if someone accused all rappers of forgetting where they came from at some point but they all are really intent on proving they have not, in fact, forgotten.  Cue shout out to the hometown/NFL team from the hometown.
  2. How they get a lot of free drinks at bars.  I think this is mostly because they actually just never pay.  I mean you can't just tell 50 Cent he has to close his tab.  He was shot nine times.
  3. All their haters.  (There are a lot.)
  4. How much weed they smoke.  I don't understand this.  How are they never caught?!
  5. Hailie.*
  6. "The game."
  7. How many cars they have, and why they deserve them because they came from nothing.
  8. Girls.  Rap songs are kind of like modern day sonnets, and are actually pretty flattering if you like having your butt compared to a stripper's.  
  9. Their rap mentors/friends/guys in the recording studio. 
  10. The lighting in the club.  If it needs to be turned up so they can see what they're drinking or, more disturbingly, touching then you better believe they'll rap about it.  Likewise, if the lights need to be turned down for the same reasons, or perhaps because a girl looks better with the lights off.  Lighting is important.
*Only applies to Eminem.

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