Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things I think are nasty

1. The word "luncheon."  "Lichen" is also off-limits.
2. When people say “let’s get a meal together.”  I’m not going to offer an explanation for this because I don’t have a good one.
3. Pregnancy/fetuses.
4. When girls say “I miss your face.”  Look at a picture, problem freaking solved.
5. The smell of the dirty dishes carousel in E-Hall.
6. Hipsters who don’t think they’re hipsters.  LOLZ.
7. Spit that connects from the top and bottom of people’s mouths.  Sorry about your overactive saliva glands but maybe you should swallow.
8. People who don’t wear shoes.  I don’t care if it’s for TOMS, it’s disgusting. 
9. Sweet potatoes.  Especially when they’re called “yams.”
10. Hot dogs.  They tickle my throat…in a bad way.
11. People who talk about getting creative juices flowing.  That’s not a real thing, and it’s not a good metaphor either.
12.  Mouth breathers.  Now these are people I REALLY have an unfounded hatred for.  And please don't ever walk behind me at night with your rickety breath, EEK.

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