Monday, October 3, 2011

I hate it when...

Before I start this post, let me first explain that I’m kind of irrational. I’ve accepted it, I admit it, and on occasion I embrace it.  Don’t feel sorry for me.  That being said, recently I’ve had a personal vendetta against people who text while walking.  Say some biddie (and at my school, there are plenty of these) is walking towards you sexting away on her iPhone, about 3 seconds away from a head-on collision.  I don’t veer left or right.  It’s like a game of chicken, except I’m the only one who is playing.  If it’s getting too close for comfort, I’ll clear my throat so that she looks up and moves.  I have a pretty fierce mean mug, so I rely on the intimidation factor to compensate for my lack of upper body strength (you know…should this ever come down to a brawl).  You might be thinking, “Wowww, this girl is actually crazy,” and to that I would say “yes,” and tell you that if you don’t want to hear me complaining you can stop listening.  Kidding.  Kind of.  Anyway, it’s not MY fault if you run into me.  I wasn’t the distracted one.  Also, you’re the one that looks like a startled moron.

So maybe you can empathize with me.  But let me stop you there and tell you why, true to form, I’ve taken this to a whole new level.  I’ve started moving into their path, just so they’ll almost run into me.  It’s kind of like I’m proving a stupid, arbitrary point.  But hey, I get a little satisfaction knowing that I’m probably changing the world by doing so. 

Disclaimer: I text while driving all the time, but it’s okay because I’m invincible.

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